One on One Interview

On August 16th, 2009 One on One host Jeff Lytle interviewed Immokalee Civic Leader Mr. Fred Thomas who spoke highly of our President and Inventor Pete Salazar.

Click here to view the interview and forward to mark 24:40 to watch where Pete Salazar is mentioned. To read the portion of the interview where Pete Salazar is mentioned, you may do so below.

Jeff Lytle:
"How's the Immokalee relations with the Collier County School Board these days? You must be very happy with the new Vo Tech Center in Immokalee, that's ... wow."

Fred Thomas:
"That's a whole story. The Vo Tech Center located right across the street from our high school, diagonally across the street from our middle school would correct all [of] the mistakes that in this country we've made in education in the last 40 years. OK?"

"My biggest hero in Immokalee, my biggest hero in Immokalee is a guy named Pete Salazar. Pete Salazar happens to be married to a school principal, but he is a high school educated trained mechanic that has two patents for innovative technologies, working on a third patent and operating out of our existing incubator. It's that kind of driving force, that kind of creativity that we have to bring back. But you got to introduce the kids to the culinary arts, to the mechanics, to the fashion institute kinds of things earlier in life to find out what they have a passion for. If they have a passion for one of these things, then you want to educate them and treat them and train them so they can do so. That's the greatest gift we can give to a child, you understand? And by having those places that are located right across the street where they can go visit, take a class or two over there, get exposed, then you can get some more Pete Salazar's because people need to remember ... Ford Brothers didn't have a degree, the Wright Brothers didn't have a degree, Edison didn't have a degree. What [did] they have? They had a passion and somebody pushed them."

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