Citrus Truck Haulers, Loaders and Utility Trucks

Whether you are in the market for new haulers, loaders and/or utility trucks, or would like to refurbish/modify your existing trucks, we can do it for you.

Citrus Truck Haulers and Loader FE and RE
What makes our Haulers different from other Haulers you see on the market is the fact that ours comes with features such as an enclosed cab with a 180ยบ swivel driver's seats, air conditioning and hydraulic steering.

We also include these features on our Loaders. With our Loaders, it does not matter whether you use tubs or bags to haul your citrus because our front end and rear end Loader (FE and RE respectively) can process both.

Why an enclosed cab? By having an enclosed Citrus Truck Hauler and/or Loader you are providing a safe and dry environment for the operator to continue to operate regardless of the weather conditions.

Utility Trucks
With our Utility Trucks, you can use it as a flatbed, water truck, fertilizer spreader, chemical sprayer, etc. It is a basic platform that we can customize to best fit your company's needs.

For more information on our Citrus Truck Haulers and Loaders or our Utility Trucks, fill out our online form.

Water Truck and Fertilizer Spreader are artist renderings and examples of the endless possibilities of applications with our Utility Trucks.

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