Washer Systems

With the E. Coli scare in 2006 and more currently the Salmonella contamination in 2008, companies must be aware of contaminates and manage their operations in a way to minimize the potential of contamination. The use of our Washer Systems helps this process. Use the Bin and/or Crate Washers to wash and sanitize your bins and crates when they come in from the fields and/or before they leave to the fields. Use the Produce Washer to run your produce through a sanitizing waterful and a fresh water rinse. This combination of washer systems will make sure the potential for contamination is at a minimum!

We have bin and crate washer systems that will clean and sanitize multiple sized plastic bins and crates (as well as standard sized wooden bins per request*). All of our washer systems are fully constructed of stainless steel, making all components of the washers non-corrosive. This guarantees long-term stability as well as less maintenance.

To see if any of our washer systems will work for you, fill out our Washer Systems Online Contact Form and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your options.

- Non-Corrosive
- Easy to take down and transport
- Plumbing is mounted inside hood
- Fast processing (300 bins/hr¹)
- Maintenance friendly
- Processes plastic, wooden, full and half-size bins¹
- Clean/Safe environment for products
- Can be put in line with existing dump system¹

And best of all...
Your company can continue to demonstrate with confidence that every effort is being taken in providing a clean safe environment for your products.

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